Pitch : Dandelion is a poetic adventure game where you must pick up a maximum of Dandles and bring them back to the mighty Dandelion in order to save them from the Demons.

My role : Game Designer, Artistic Director, Graphist and Documentalist for Dandelion.

Note : We had the highest mark of our year (2nd year – Bachelor Game Design)


Mini Post-mortem

We were a team of three people but we went through some troubles so we ended up with only 2 guys and only 1.5 month to make that game. We were the smallest team of the 2 classes but we worked a lot to compensate for our troubles.

Our goal with Dandelion was to involve the player in his relationship to the game ans to give a generous and rewarding gaming experience. We made the player feel good playing and let him enjoy peacefully

The main purpose of my job as an Artistic Director was to create a univers coherent with the gameplay.

The main artwork of our Dandelion that we used for our documents