Pitch : Ghost Slashers is a Beat them up/Plateformer with an asymmetric coop gameplay involving 2 players : A filthy priest and Jeanne d’Arc chasing ghosts.

My role : Game Designer & Graphic Designer.

Mini Post-mortem

When we knew what we were gonna do with that game, the team let me create an artistic direction but I wanted everybody to have fun and to create something fun together even if it wasn’t the most adapted or original choice.

We ended up mixing crazy ideas like a priest losing parts of his outfit while he was taking damages, Jeanne d’Arc getting ridiculously abusive damages on her face by being hit by a ghost or a gentleman ghost etc.

The goal of that jam was to have fun and to decompress without staying at home doing nothing and sleeping. It is rather strange to work very hard to be able to decompress but…that’s what we do.