Pitch : One Night is a Story Rich Shoot Them Up. You are Robert, in the introduction, you’re talking with your best friend that received a fatal wound from the mafia. You have only One Night to kill to take your revenge.

My role : Game Designer, Level Designer and Graphic Designer.


Mini Post-mortem

We were 2 on this project.

We tried to make it fun and dynamic with a strong narrative experience.

I was strongly inspired by the prohibition’s gangsters during the 20s like Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Joe Masseria etc.
Our goal was to make a real « traditional » game with all the features included ready to be marketed. The fact is that we were pretty limited by our experience so we knew that we could’nt do it perfectly and completly.

But that failing in finishing that game tougt me a lot about the art of game design so I consider it as my first important experience that forced me to understand what I was doing.

Since then, I started working with a lot of methodology, rigor and control.