Pitch : Timeless Sector has no real goal so we can say it’s more like a toy. There are ennemis in space, asteroids and planets.


My role : I was Game Designer and Graphist for this game.


Mini Post-mortem

Timeless Sector was my very first game made during a game jam. We were a group of 5 students and we totaly failed creating a game. We were all first year students so that’s absolutly understandable.

It could have been a nice game shump or runner if a more experienced student could have drive us. But we had a really good time during this jam and this is all that really matters to me in that kind of jam.

Oh ! And I also developed an addiction to that « 7Up Mojito » along the way… I believe I cured it but if you wanna treat me, now you know how. Well…assuming that someone will read this article someday. I hope not. You’d be losing your time.